About the artist

Jennifer Bell's artwork is an invitation to enter a world of colour, texture and detail. Her unique artistic vision stems from her experience of a rare neurological condition that enhances her perception of patterns and often over looked details in the world around us.

Jennifer's artistic journey is deeply intertwined with her experience of a rare neuro-ophthalmological condition that creates persistent visual disturbances. These disturbances are reflected in her work through a dynamic and energetic quality, with a bold colour palette and intricate details that invite the viewer to become immersed in the beauty of the artwork.

Appearing as a fine veil of dancing dots, flashes of light and kaleidoscopic colour that can never be turned off; it has been suggested that artists such as Georges Seurat, Van Gogh, and Yayoi Kusama, known for their innovative use of dots and patterns, may have also experienced symptoms of what has been termed - visual snow disorder.

Repetition is a crucial element in Jennifer's artwork. The use of repeated abstract marks and shapes serves to depict the constant visual noise she experiences on a daily basis. Jennifer provides a glimpse into her unique perception of the world through her art.

Inspired by the endless possibilities that arise when colours and patterns come together in abstract work,  Jennifer's artwork also focuses on the intricate real life details and patterns that can be found in both microscopic and aerial perspectives. Her paintings are not just mere representations of her seemingly chaotic visual world, but a celebration that beauty can be found in even the simplest thing. Through her work, she hopes to inspire others to find joy and wonder in the the everyday, to pause and appreciate the beauty in the seemingly mundane.

She holds a degree in Fine Art and has a rich background in the art world, having previously run her own gallery in New Zealand's picturesque Wellington suburb of Island Bay. She has been a full-time independent artist for over 13 years, today working from her sunny Brisbane studio, and her work is represented in private and corporate collections around the world, from Australia and New Zealand to North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

Artists CV


    Jennifer holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from the University of Newcastle.She later attended the University of Technology in Sydney to study Visual Communication, London's Putney School of Art and Design and Waverley Woollahra Art School in Sydney.


    2023 Finalist SINGULART Awards Painter of the Year 2020 Finalist Art Lovers Prize Australia​2019 Finalist Global Etsy Design Awards2019 Finalist Milburn Art Prize2019 Finalist Rotary Art Spectacular2019 Finalist Art Lovers Prize Australia2018 Finalist Moreton Bay Art Awards2018 Finalist Milburn Art Prize2018 Finalist Art Lovers Prize Australia2017 Finalist Lethbridge 10 000 Art Awards2017 Highly Commended ArtWorld Studio Portrait Prize2017 Local Business Prize Foot Square, Aspire Gallery2016 Voters’ Choice Winner Foot Square, Aspire Gallery


    2023 Kinetic Pointillism An Emerging Art Movement​by Ganesh K Shenoy
    2022 Visual Snow Art Exhibit YouTube by Bad Reception
    2021 Renewal Art Book by Art Lovers Australia
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    2022 The Pattern Pilgrim, Empire Revival, Paddington
    ​2021 Garden Art Exhibition, Plant Empire, Yerongpilly
    2021 Making Do, Redcliffe Museum
    2021 Landing (Brisbane Art Design Festival) Side Gallery
    2020 Loom, Side Gallery, Brisbane
    2019 Play with Paper, Pine Rivers Art Gallery, Strathpine
    2019 Milburn Art Prize, Metcalfe Gallery, Brisbane
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    2018 The Weaving Room, Pine Rivers Gallery, Strathpine
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    2018 Milburn Art Prize, Metcalfe Gallery, Brisbane
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    2017 Lethbridge 10000, Lethbridge Gallery, Brisbane
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    2003 Art Space Island Bay, Wellington
    2002 Art Space Island Bay, Wellington
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