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Pattern Play Infinity

Pattern Play Infinity

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A striking small abstract artwork, this painting intricately weaves infinity symbols into a complex tapestry of connection and continuity. Each interlocked loop contributes to the artwork’s sense of endless motion, representing infinite possibilities and eternal flow.

Artwork info: 
♥ Acrylic on canvas
♥ 29.7x40cm

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Australian artist Jennifer Bell

About the artist

Jennifer Bell is a contemporary artist whose unique artistic vision is inspired by her rare neuro-ophthalmological condition. Her work reflects her daily experience of visual noise through bold colours, intricate details, and repeated abstract marks and shapes. Jennifer holds a degree in Fine Art and has extensive experience in the art world, including running her own gallery. She has been a full-time independent artist for over 14 years and her work is represented in private and corporate collections worldwide. Jennifer has been recognized with numerous awards including a finalist for the 2023 Singulart Awards Painter of the Year...