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Unyielding no3

Unyielding no3

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Gold abstract painting. The meditative repetition of a simple line delving deeper in the visual language of dots, lines, circles, etc I have been building over the years with my abstract landscapes. This pieces is a crazy patchwork of mark making inspired by topographic maps and boro or sashiko (the age old Japanese art of mending textiles with small stitches). Little pieces of gold paper break up the lines to finish the piece off.

Artwork info: 
♥ acrylic paint on canvas 
♥ thick edge canvas with black sides 
♥ measures 60.5x60.5cm 
♥ ready to hang

Sold unframed.

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Australian artist Jennifer Bell

About the artist

Jennifer Bell is a contemporary artist whose unique artistic vision is inspired by her rare neuro-ophthalmological condition. Her work reflects her daily experience of visual noise through bold colours, intricate details, and repeated abstract marks and shapes. Jennifer holds a degree in Fine Art and has extensive experience in the art world, including running her own gallery. She has been a full-time independent artist for over 14 years and her work is represented in private and corporate collections worldwide. Jennifer has been recognized with numerous awards including a finalist for the 2023 Singulart Awards Painter of the Year...